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We are Crazy Carrot, a Guelph restaurant located Downtown, and we're here to make your next meal a memorable one! We offer fresh made-from-scratch food from crisp and light to hearty and satisfying.

Whether you are a meat eater, gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan, have specific allergens, or are simply looking for delicious food… our menu has Something for Everyone!

What is

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If we were able to turn back time, there would be no processed food. We would only have food that comes from the farm, not from plastic packets. That is what we want to bring back to the community. We believe fresh food should be accessible every day, and that there is always Something For Everyone.

Food lovers crave fresh options that are affordable and readily available. Crazy Carrot aims to provide fresh, made-from-scratch options at affordable prices so that everyone from students to CEOs can opt to make Crazy Carrot their go-to quick-service restaurant.

Our first pilot store/test kitchen/HQ is located in Guelph, Ontario in Canada. This is where we test our crazy new recipes and ideas.

Meet our CEO & Founder Anurag Sood

Our recipes are designed by Chef, Restaurant Operator, Anurag Sood, a.k.a. Sood, who does not rest till he finds the perfect combination of ingredients, seasonings, proteins and dressings.When it comes to his love for crafting extraordinary food, Sood is one hell of a Crazy Carrot and he is excited to share this passion with everyone.

Sood is crazy for his customers. His love for food extends to seeing his customers happy regardless of their dietary preferences. He is in the business not just for himself, but as a way to give back to the community, which means fresh gourmet made-from-scratch food for the first time is going to be affordable. This will ensure that everyone has access to making fresh food a part of their daily lives.

Sood’s expertise lies in his great understanding of restaurant operations. He is well known in the Toronto restaurant community for his ability to recognize shortfalls of restaurant store operations, build and execute step by step plans to fix these operations and grow their sales. This expertise will be his investment in growing the business from one store to many. Sood has 2 successful start-ups under his belt, plus extensive experience at KFC and Freshii. His last position at Freshii was as VP of Operations where he helped over 300 stores in 16 countries with operations excellence and sales growth.

Anurag Sood :

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